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Beyond snatched CosMedics

Beyond Snatched Cosmedics is a full-service, luxury spa in the Dallas, Texas area. Beyond Snatched Cosmedics was founded by a Registered Nurse, mom, and wellness expert. She believes in uplifting women, understands people, and believes in self-care equality for women from all walks of life.

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Ms. Regena is amazing! She's professional and very knowledgeable about the services she provides. The ambience was very welcoming and decorated beautifully. After sharing a bit about why I was there, she spoke so much life into me and provided wisdom and encouragement specific to my situation. She made me feel like family. The services I received were top notch and I'm already looking forward to booking my next appointment. I would highly recommend her services!

Amazing experience as always.

Nurse Berry is absolutely amazing! She’s extremely informative and patient. She will make sure she has a clear understanding of your body goals and will recommend her service(s) accordingly.

Amazing experience as always. Very professional and Knowledgeable. Loyal customer for the past four years.

I started my services with them in January 2022, and my results are beautiful. I had liposuction, and she has helped me with my lymphatic Massages, wood therapy, The swelling and blockage you will experience after recovery she moves it out. She takes care of you. She loves you through the process. She teaches you how to take care of your new body. I love going here. My doctor loved my results and told me I could stop but I’m still going just for comfort. I love the team at Beyond Snatch Med Spa.

WOW!! I'm still looking at my bank account with amazement, i remember few months back i had nothing i couldn't boast of 100 $ in my bank account cause i've lost my life-savings and pension to scammers, i had lost all hope in life..until MRS CHARLOTTE WAYNE came along, the man who changed my life totally. i had concluded that all account managers in groups were scammers but M proved me wrong, every time i apologize to him for doubting him from the start. Everyone needs to meet him he is the one, i urge you reading this not to conclude that every account manager are the same i propose you try MRS CHARLOTTE WAYNE and see for yourself before concluding. Reach her on email charlottewayne303@gmail.co whatsapp:+39 351 093 7250

Located in an office building. The suite is very Clean with Beautiful decor. Nice customer service. I definitely recommend. Their website has a variety of services and they are welcoming to walk ins 😊

Amazing Black Owned Spa ! Clean establishment & Friendly Staff !

I MUST SAY-Hands Down The Best Customer Service And The Best Technician! I purchased a MEMBERSHIP and will certainly be back!

I received my first service today and I must say that I am very impressed with the customer service, the presence of the business and the many service options provided. It made me feel comfortable to know that my technician was knowledgeable about trouble areas and provided a 3 month plan to see the results needed and I am definitely going back. I also purchased a Membership. I highly recommend booking with them or making a girls day out of it! Happy Steaming. Lol

My experience was awesome.. my 😻is back at and revived 😂.. but no this customer service is beyond the 5 stars.. nurse makes you feel lije family. I love it here… 😍

Joyce Beaver

Loved it. Very nice atmosphere and great customer service. I was able to relax while I steamed.

I absolutely loveee this place! Gina is so sweet and knowledgeable! I drive from Louisiana just so that I can go here! That should tell you how awesome of a place this is! I highly recommend to anybody that’s had any cosmetic procedure or needing that extra oomph! Trust me you will not be disappointed!

I'll start by saying if you don't have a sense of humor this might not be the place for you. Gina was very knowledgeable when it came to my situation (so I thought). I scheduled a post op lymphatic massage with drainage. The start of my appointment went well. I was directed to the relaxation room where I was offered snacks, water and tea. It was very nice and clean. Once in the procedure room Gina was looking for a siringe to drain the fluid. She said they were out so she would start with the massage and see how it goes. After sticking me the 1st time and nothing coming out she said when I come back and she was better prepared she won't charge me to drain the fluid. She stuck me again and was able to get what I'd say was 10% of the fluid out by manually pushing my stomach. She used an IV needle which means the hole was tiny. Don't get me wrong she pressed and drained about 45 minutes to an hour. But there wasn't much that came out due to the hole being so small. Once done I asked when should I come back and she responded "I'd give it a day or two." Feeling a little confused I called to ask if I would be charged when I came back? Her response was "yes that was when nothing came out we did the whole thing today". Honestly, had she made it clear that she had no intention on using the siringe I would have waited until she was better prepared. Needless to say I won't be returning.

I called this place to get some additional information about the services they provide and Natasha who answered the phone was extremally rude. First, she answered the phone "Yes, can i help you" in a tone that sounded like she was being bothered by answering the phones, and did not even state the name of the business. It sounds like this place may be providing services in their home. Not at all like the site says, medical spa. second, when i was trying to clarify some of the services, she rudely asked me with her tone, if I had even looked at their website. Of course I looked at your website. I'm not going to just let anyone provide me with these type of services. BE AWARE!!! This place sounds very sketchy. I would not risk my health to this place.

This was my first experience with a Yoni steam and it was absolutely Awesome!! The people were very very down to earth very nice and informative. The place was absolutely beautiful and very clean. I will be going back soon for a girls day with my sisters and Neicie’s and my daughter

AD Johnson

Beyond Snatched is the bomb!! I have been very satisfied each time I have come!! Customer service is supreme Nurse Berry and her staff are the best I sooooo love them...

Ashley Smith

Very professional for my first experience. The staff is amazing and I definitely will be back. Thank you so much you have a loyal customer in me.

excellent service, will most definitely go back

I loved every moment of this experience. I will most definitely return for the services. I walked out feeling as if I was walking on clouds.

An experience that you will never forget and customer service is amazing. Nurse Berry is the absolute best.

My first time ever in it felt good I Will definitely be back in for those who haven’t tried it go in try it is clean and comfortable in they got great customer service like no other thank you #beyondsnatched see you soon.

Very professional, and what I love most... she’s a registered nurse! Great deals when you bundle. Go experience the pleasure!

Benford Cannon

Great first time experience!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍!!!

Mellie Zarra

She was so nice and professional.highly recommend her place !!!

Got v steaming done and my experience was really good great service and great staff

Tracy Mcgee

She’s awesome ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍. She gets my vote

I had My very first Snatched experience With V steaming and sculpting today and the service was great Nurse Regena is beyond attentive very educational, And She makes the experience even Better i love her spirit!! i can Not WAIT on my results to start shining through!! She has me motivated and determined honey I’m bout to be FINE FINE 🥰🥰🥰

Great customer service, I was 2 hours late to my appointment because I somehow wrote the wrong time down but Regena STILL took me in and I received an awesome experience getting the yoni steam. She was very personable and knowledgeable and answered any and all questions I had. Great customer service goes a very long way with me, so I will definitely be back!!

I've gone once a month for the past 2 months. I love it. super cute set up. good environment I've recommended to any women I know. I've only tried the steam. but worth it. prices arent bad at all.

Went in for a yoni steam with a group of friends and everything was nice and Gina took really good care of us.

Nekkia Waters

Love the experience. She was very nice and professional

My friend and I booked a spa service with another business and when we arrived they did not take us in due to an online scheduler error. We were highly disappointed with the other business because we booked our appointment 4 weeks in advanced. So my friend found Beyond Snatched and Ms. Gena welcomed us in with open arms the same day! I thought we could not find a spa service the same day that would take us in unless we had an appointment and amazingly Ms. Gena had availability. She has a beautiful business you can walk into and we received excellent service. My friend and I was very happy with Ms. Gena service and will be coming back for more. Ms. Gena was so personable and made us as comfortable as possible. I would definitely recommend coming to Beyond Snatched. You will not be disappointed!!!

Nadya Hard

Best in DFW! Beautiful location. Professional staff and the owner is very knowledgeable about what is needed to make your visit successful. You will enjoy! Get your memberships.

The medical grade butt lift is beyond amazing. The best way I can explain it is a intense squat session plus twerking. I would highly recommend this treatment.

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Our mission is to change the way the world views self-care. Self-care is not exclusive to certain people. We believe all women deserve to be treated like royalty. We welcome women of all ages, sizes, cultures, and walks of life. Beyond Snatched is a luxurious oasis that caters to all and judges none.

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