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Post-Lipo (Lymphatic Massage) Fifteen (15) Lymphatic Drainage Massages by Registered Nurse Packages Includes: Stage 2 faja Infrared Light Therapy Wood Therapy Ultrasonic Cavitation Taping Method Benefits of treatment: 1. Reduce and Eliminate Fibrosis 2. Reduce and Eliminate Seroma 3. Reduce water and fluid retention 4. Reduce Bruising 5. Reduce Pain 6. Reduce Downtime caused by Surgery

What is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage, also called manual lymph drainage or lymphatic drainage was originally developed in Germany. It was intended to treat lymphedema, swelling caused by accumulated fluid that happens after the surgical removal of lymph nodes, which happens most frequently during mastectomy surgeries. Primary lymphedema can also occur although its cause is unknown; when it does, it typically happens throughout life and can affect many parts of the body. Various other conditions cause lymphedema as a secondary symptom, so a range of patients are looking for solutions to this kind of swelling and the pain it causes.


  • Reduce and Eliminate Fibrosis
  • Reduce and Eliminate Seroma
  • Reduce water and fluid retention
  • Reduce Bruising
  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce Downtime caused by Surgery