You don’t want to Youtube Your Med-Spa Expertise. Learn from a Licensed Cosmetic Registered Nurse.

Training Classes

Berrylicious Butt Lift Technique

Pricing Starts At $850
Learn our exclusive non-invasive butt-plumping, fat transfer procedure. Training includes the use of our state-of-the-art machinery during class. 

Body Wraps, Wood Therapy & Detox Therapy Training

Body Wraps, Wood Therapy & Detox  Therapy   Training

Pricing Starts At $550
Learn safe and effective ways to detoxify the body and cleanse the system. 

Body Sculpting Training

Body Sculpting  Training

Pricing Starts At $1200
Be an expert in body contouring which involves Fat Cavitation, RF Skin Tightening, Laser lipo and wood therapy. Learn non-invasive body sculpting techniques.

Teeth Whitening Training

Teeth Whitening Training

Pricing Starts At $350
Give your clients whiter smiles in as little as one visit. Learn the safest techniques for the best results.

Intimate Bleaching Training

Intimate Bleaching Training

Pricing Starts At $850
Safely lighten intimate areas with our illuminating, skin-bleaching training. Give your clients peace of mind by learning the correct way to do intimate bleaching.

Yoni V-Steam Training

Yoni V-Steam   Training

Pricing Starts At $450
Master the age-old technique of Yoni Steaming. Learn the herbal remedies that cleanse an rejuvenate the female reproductive system.

Full Day Training

Full Day Training

Pricing Starts At $2500
Learn everything in one day! Want to learn multiple skills and save time by learning body contouring, butt enhancement, bleaching training, teeth whitening, and massages in just one day? Then this training is for you!